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Our Map Enquiry Service has been developed for enquiries relating to land and properties which do not have a postal address. Both the official Title Register (Title Deed) & Title Plan are provided as part of this service; revealing the name and address of the legal owner(s), position of boundaries, maintenance responsibilities, covenants, easements (such as rights of access), price paid, mortgages, charges and so on.

To place an order, simply zoom in on the map, click on the “Add a Marker” button and drag/position the marker over the subject parcel of land or property. Please note that you can change the map setting from map view to satellite view by clicking on the “Satellite” tab at the top right hand side of the map. Once you have positioned the marker over the property or land, enter your details and then click on the “Next Step” button and make your payment..

Upon receipt of your order, one of our experienced members of staff will extract the geographical coordinates from the marker position in order to identify the land or property and then issue the Title Register & Title Plan to you by email; in the majority of cases, within one hour of our receipt of an order.


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